Technical and practical consulting and staff training services for a vast range of laboratories are available. AUST-ATL will also offer an expert team of individuals to carry out laboratory planning to ensure proper space for maximum output and future growth, selecting equipment to meet with a country’s current and future needs and staff training to ensure that they are upgraded to the latest technological innovations.


The offered services include:

   - Setting up a new laboratory involving critical decisions from choosing proper space to acquiring and arranging installation.

   - Equipment Selection to meet specific requirements. Our experts undertake evaluation of the instruments functioning and suitability.

   - Training of personnel program that guides laboratory professionals in the implementation of best practices.

   - Assessment of Laboratory efficiency which concerns with the quality of the work performed and the reliability of the results obtained. Click here to see our consulting Flyer.

   - Assistance with licensure (ISO17025:2005 & GLP) to be able to promote international acceptance of test results and assure their reliability, and also gain national & international recognition.

   - Assesment of the problem in the institution( laboratories, industries) and offer solutions to rectify the problems.


 It is worth noting that the AUST-ATL Laboratories are accredited under ISO 17025:2005* and currently in the process of acquiring Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)**.


*ISO/IEC 17025:2005 is an international standard that sets specific requirements to laboratories. The contents of ISO cover Management Requirements and Technical Requirements. By this accreditation, AUST-ATL gains an international recognition for technical competency and quality management system of the laboratory.


*Good laboratory practice certification was established by FDA to ensure permanent documentation of all the experimental tests including staff qualifications, valid study design, standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, performance, formulation and statistical analyses, and summary/individual data.