Specialty Programs

The FHS offers several unavailable programs in the Middle East region. These programs are complementary to the fields of Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology Medicine and Pharmacy. They are designed for individuals looking to develop expertise on specialized disciplines including Molecular Biology, Applied Toxicology, Optics & Optometry and Biomedical Sales and Marketing.

 The specialty certificates below are currently offered:

     - Applied Toxicology.

     - Molecular Biology.

     - Optics & Optometry.

     - Biomedical Sales and Marketing.

Specialty Programs include a series of both theoretical and laboratory courses spanning a duration of eight months. However, they can be customized to shorter durations if needed.

Specialty Program in Applied Toxicology

Toxicology is the study of a poison assessing the probability of its deleterious effects on biological systems. Toxicology has become a science that builds on and uses knowledge developed in other related medical sciences such as biology, medicinal chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, medicine and epidemiology.

The program includes a series of courses with various applications and practical trainings.

Participants will be able to analyze various biochemical molecules, drugs, pollutants and pesticides in biological fluids and tissues.

Participants will receive special training on several instruments such as Gas and Liquid Chromatography,             

Mass Spectrometry, UV Visible, Atomic Absorption and Infrared Spectroscopy.                                      

Program Courses combine a number of advanced topics including:                                                                                                                                                                                    

-Medicinal Chemistry for Applied toxicology.

-Clinical Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Quality Control.

-Clinical Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Quality control Lab.

-Forensic Chemistry and toxicology Lab.

-Seminars in Biotechnology.

-Tools in Analytical Biochemistry.

-Bioorganic Chemsitry

-Pharmacology for Applied Toxicology.

Specialty Program in Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology focuses on the study of gene structure and function at the molecular level to understand the basis of heredity, genetic variation, the expression patterns of genes and the interactions between cells including cell functioning and DNA, RNA and protein analysis.The field overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry, particularly genetics and biochemistry. It offers valuable tools for research laboratories, screening of genetic diseases, fingerprinting in forensic medicine, identification of microbes, cancer studies and quality control.

A series of courses are offered to participants in this program including nucleic acid and protein analysis and diagnostics, GMO testing, DNA fingerprinting, DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis and expression, gene cloning, bioinformatics and genetic engineering.

The Program requires the successful completion of the following classes and labs:      

- Cell and Molecular Biology.

- Current Genetic Analysis.

- Basic Molecular Biology Tools Laboratory.

- Current Molecular Biology Applications.

- Modern Techniques in Molecular Biology.

- Web-Based Molecular Biology.

- Bioorganic Chemistry.

- Seminars in Biotechnology.

Specialty Program in Optics and Optometry

Optics and Optometry is a science that concerns with the health of the eyes and related structures as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information processing in humans. An Optician-Optometrist is a licensed medical professional trained to examine, detect, diagnose and correct errors by spectacles and contact lenses.This field has rapidly evolved and expanded in the last few years underscoring the importance of new ophthalmic modes of treatment and optical products manufactured by latest technologies.

This specialty program offers education and clinical training to participants to practice at the highest levels of proficiency, integrity and professionalism.The program will allow opticians to perform several activities including measurement and analysis of the visual function with the aid of instruments, correction of visual defects, performing screening tests, repair and adjust appliances and producing and selling optical appliances. It will allow them to practice refractions, fit contact lenses, perform medical tests, deliver and control all types of aids to correct refractive errors.

The plan of this program contains:                                     

- Physiological Optics

- Contact Lenses

- Optometry

- Ocular Pathology

- Binocular Vision

- Ethics in Optometry

- ClinicalContact Lenses Laboratory

- Clinical Optometry and Binocular Vision Laboratory

Specialty Program in Biomedical Sales & Marketing

Biomedical Sales & Marketing is a very fast growing field. It focuses on the needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.This program is designed to prepare and guide participants for a superior way of contacting potential customers persuading them that their products offer the needs of the patients and provide after-sales services.It can also prepare graduates to design marketing strategies that enhance competitive advantage and expend profitability.Medical marketing activities serve pharmacists, nurses, researchers, patients, medical providers and insurance brokers.

The Biomedical Sales & Marketing program requires the completion of the following courses:  

-Marketing Management

-Consumer Behavior

-Organizational Behavior

-Seminar in Promotional Strategy

-Services Marketing

-Advanced Marketing Research 

-Research Methods in Business

-Special Topics in Biomedical Marketing

-Special Topics in Marketing

-Special Topics in Management