Human Identification

Human identification sets the differences in the DNA sequence between different people. Human identification testing services include:

Forensic DNA Profiling:
This test identifies missing individuals through the analysis of either nucleic or mitochondrial DNA extracted from evidence samples such as bones, hair, blood and fluids.
The test examines DNA sequences, scans DNA regions or loci that vary from person to person employing short tandem repeats and related methodologies and creat a DNA profile of that individual from the data obtained to be analyzed depending on the forensic case.

Parentage Testing:
Parentage Testing determines the biological relationship between the child and his/her parents or siblings (brother, cousin, uncle and Grandparents). The principle of this test is based on the comparison of the child’s genetic profile, employing short tandem repeats and related methodologies, with presumed father/mother or sibling profile extracted from cheek cells or Blood.