AUST-ATL Training Services

Every professional’s goal is to seek a bright future and rising career. It only can be achieved by Continuing Education & Specialty Training programs which will upgrade the knowledge of each professional gaining, meanwhile, practical and professional skills.

AUST–ATL share their expertise and skills for the benefit of the industry and learners. They provide training services complementing traditional education. Training is led by a team of highly qualified and skilled experts who propose and design comprehensive programs combining theories with hands–on skills that cater to trainees’ specific requirements.

Training modules can focus either on Instrument Training or Application Training in addition to Continuing Education programs. Instrument Training introduces the basics of use of a specific instrument combined with practical sessions. Application Training teaches trainees the use of different equipment helping users perform a specific application.

Continuing Education programs upgrade knowledge and skills of participants and sustain progressive career growth.

Training durations can range from one to few days up to an academic year. They depend on the training nature, requirements and the availability of trainee time.


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